The Renegade Diet Book Review

renegade dietAre you tired of hard to follow diets that fail to deliver the results they promise? I know I was. Low carb diets, high carb diets, ketogenic diets, eating six meals per day, starving yourself to lose fat or stuffing yourself to build muscle. Surely there must be a better way.

Well as it turns out there is. Jason Ferruggia spent over two decades experimenting with every kind of diet you can think of – both on himself and his clients. And the final result of all that experimentation, combined with the latest scientific research, is The Renegade Diet.

The Renegade Diet is essentially a modification of The Warrior Diet, but it takes into account the needs of those who want to build muscle and improve performance, as well as those who just want to get really defined. But perhaps even more important than any of that is the fact that it has a very strong focus on achieving and maintaining optimum health – something that is sorely lacking in most other diet plans.

So what exactly is The Renegade Diet? Is it really all it’s cracked up to be? And more importantly, is it the right diet for you? Well, here’s my review of the book so you can decide for yourself…

About The Author

Jason Ferruggia is a world renowned strength and conditioning coach and an expert in physical transformation. He’s the chief training advisor to Men’s Fitness magazine and has authored hundreds of articles for numerous magazines and websites such as Men’s Health, Muscle & Fitness, Maximum Fitness and many others.

He’s also appeared on various radio and TV shows, and over the course of his career he has helped thousands of people to transform their bodies and achieve their fitness goals.

Jason is an honest voice in the fitness industry. He tells it like it is with no fluff or nonsense – just the facts. He also knows what really works, and he explains it in a way that’s easy to understand. So if he’s written something you know it’s going to be well worth reading.

About The Renegade Diet Book

The Renegade Diet book is a comprehensive dietary manual that explains in a clear and concise manner exactly how you should eat in order to achieve your own specific goals, whether that’s muscle gain, fat loss or a combination of the two.

After an introduction the book first describes how to fix a number of common problems, such as low testosterone, high estrogen, high cortisol, adrenal fatigue, poor insulin sensitivity, inflammation, poor digestion, and others. It then addresses and debunks many of the common dietary myths that so many people believe despite there being little if any scientific evidence to support them. Myths such as breakfast is the most important meal of the day, you should eat six meals per day, if you miss a meal you will go into “starvation mode”, and several more.

And then the actual diet plan is explained in detail over the next several chapters.

About The Renegade Diet Plan

The Renegade Diet is divided into three phases over the course of the day. These are the fasting phase, the undereating phase and the overeating phase.

The Fasting Phase – Intermittent (periodic) fasting for short periods of time has a number of benefits. It gives your digestive system a rest, it helps detoxify your liver, it reduces inflammation, it accelerates fat loss and it promotes increased energy and mental focus. So for 14 – 16 hours each day you will consume no calories at all. This simply means that from the time you finish your evening meal you will not eat anything again until late morning/early afternoon the next day. So effectively you are just skipping (or delaying) breakfast. During the morning you should drink water and you can have some black coffee too if you wish.

The Undereating Phase – You will then break your fast with a light meal of protein and vegetables/salad or a whey protein shake with Athletic Greens (or another good quality greens supplement such as Vitamineral Green) added to it. You can also have one or two additional small snacks during the afternoon if you wish. This undereating phase should last about four hours.

The Overeating Phase – During the final four hours you can eat as much as you want. Lots of protein, carbohydrates and vegetables are recommended. And you can even enjoy all your favourite foods occasionally, as long as you eat clean and healthy most of the time. And again the overeating phase can consist of just one large meal, or you can have one or two additional meals after this if you wish.

The overeating phase will give a boost to your leptin levels, which will enable you to burn fat more effectively during the fasting and undereating phases. And by consuming carbohydrates you will put your body into “relax and repair” mode which will help facilitate muscle growth as well as promoting deeper, more restful sleep.

Ideally you would want to train right before the overeating phase begins, but if your schedule does not allow for this there are some adjustments that can be made for those who need to train in the morning or early afternoon.

The Renegade Diet incorporates carb/calorie cycling, and the total amount of calories and carbohydrates consumed, as well as the precise length of the three phases, can vary somewhat depending on your own specific goals and how much body fat you are currently carrying.

What Else Is Included?

The book also goes into how to fix a broken metabolism by increasing your calorie consumption for a while. Jason explains what he does personally and he gives a 12 step quick start guide. There’s also a discussion on supplements and which ones are worth using, there’ an extensive questions and answers section – and much more.

All in all The Renegade Diet book contains a huge amount of valuable dietary and nutritional information. But there are two things that some people have problems with.

The first is that many people do not like fasting. However if you give it a week or two you will almost certainly adjust to this, and you’ll probably come to enjoy the additional freedom that not eating in the morning will give you. And apart from this the extra energy and improved mental focus you’ll experience will make it more than worthwhile.

And the second is that although the plan is great for fat loss, some people feel it is not optimal for muscle gain – particularly for naturally skinny individuals. But if you read the book properly this is fully addressed and modifications are suggested that will allow anyone to put on weight, whilst keeping fat gain to a minimum.

It is not a bulking plan in the true sense of the word though, so if you just want to gain the maximum amount of weight and don’t care how much fat you put on in the process, then this is not the diet for you.

So that’s my review of The Renegade Diet book. Personally I think it’s the best diet plan I’ve ever come across. It worked great for me, and I’m still following a slightly modified version of it now, and probably always will. So if you think it sounds like the sort of diet plan that could benefit you, you can download your own copy now for just $27 by clicking here!

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