The Mechanisms of Muscle Hypertrophy: What Causes Muscles to Grow?

bodybuilder 7 wcAs we all know, when you lift weights, your body responds to the challenge by increasing the size and strength of the muscles involved in the lift, so that you will be able to do the job more easily next time. But what is it that actually causes this to happen? What are the specific mechanisms involved that produce muscle hypertrophy?

Well, there are three underlying mechanisms that appear to trigger a growth response in skeletal muscle. These are mechanical tension, metabolic stress and muscle damage. So, if you want to achieve maximum muscle growth, you should really have a basic understanding of each of these, so that you’ll be able to structure your training in a way that will optimize the effects of all of them.

So, in this article, I’ll give you an outline of these mechanisms of muscle hypertrophy, and I’ll also explain how best to train in order to get the full benefits of all three of them. Continue Reading →

How to Get Six Pack Abs – The Definitive Guide

It seems that virtually everyone wants six pack abs these days, yet very few people ever achieve them. So if you do manage to get a six pack, it sets you apart from most other people.

And although it will take a fair degree of determination, the approach required to do it is actually very simple. So in this article I’ll explain exactly how you can get six pack abs.

But first you need to realize that there are no quick fixes. You won’t get a six pack by simply doing an eight minute ab workout every day, or by using the latest gadget you saw on the shopping channel.

To get a six pack, you will need to do two things – build up your abdominal muscles, and burn off the fat that covers them. Continue Reading →