The Body Transformation Blueprint Review

BTB Cover EbookAre you tired of gimmicky, over-hyped training programs that fail to deliver the results they promise? Do you just want the real, research-proven facts about what it really takes to build muscle, gain strength and lose fat as quickly and effectively as possible? If so you might want to take a look at The Body Transformation Blueprint by Sean Nalewanyj.

The fact is that most of the muscle building and fat loss information you read online, and in the muscle mags, is complete BS, and will only ever give you mediocre results at best. But Sean spent years scouring through research papers and scientific journals, studying the real science of training and nutrition. And after he used this information to transform his own body from skinny to jacked, he wrote down his methods so that others could benefit from them too. And this led to the creation of The Body Transformation Blueprint.

BTB is said to be “the ultimate science-based, no BS muscle building and fat loss guide and 1-on-1 coaching system”. But is it really as good as it’s made out to be? And more importantly, is it the right program for you? Well, here’s my review of the guide so you can decide that for yourself.

About The Author

Sean Nalewanyj is a best-selling fitness author, natural bodybuilder, online trainer and success coach. And for well over a decade his advice has helped tens of thousands of people to build muscle, lose fat and improve not only their bodies, but their lives too.

Sean knows what it’s like to be skinny and weak, and to struggle to build any amount of muscle at all. But that all changed when he finally discovered the truth about what it really takes to build muscle size and strength. Sean is one of the few honest voices in this industry; he tells it straight, with no fluff or BS – just the facts.

About The Body Transformation Blueprint

BTB is not just a workout program; it’s a complete muscle building and fat loss guide, backed by the very latest scientific discoveries together with years of experience of helping others reach their fitness goals. Basically it contains everything you’ll ever need to achieve the body you want.

Here’s what you get:

Muscle Building & Fat Loss Decoded E-Book

A 252 page step-by-step guide to building muscle, gaining strength and burning fat in the fastest, most effective, yet most practical way possible. The book is divided into five sections which are:

Weight Training – Everything you need to know about lifting weights; what causes muscles to grow, the law of intensity and progression, workout frequency, volume, exercise selection, rep range, rep speed, rest periods, and much more.

Cardio – Information on high intensity cardio, low intensity cardio, warming up, cardio exercises, fasted cardio, and more.

Nutrition – Specific details on how to structure your diet for optimum results. Information on calorie intake, protein, fats, carbohydrates, water intake, meal frequency, pre and post workout nutrition, and more.

Supplementation – Are supplements really necessary, and if so, which ones should you use?

Progress Tracking – How to track your progress and make appropriate modifications.

The No-Fail Workout System

This is the actual weight training program, including exercises, sets and reps for each workout, plus a list of possible exercise substitutions, so you can easily adapt it to your own specific needs. There’s also some useful cardio guidelines, and warm-up routines are included too.

But you don’t just get one workout program; there are actually three individual training plans, which are referred to as phases. These are:

Phase 1: A full body workout routine. This is aimed mostly towards beginners, or those who have not had much in the way of results from their efforts so far. In this phase, you train three times per week, alternating two different workouts, both of which consist of seven exercises.

Phase 2: An upper/lower split routine. This is more suitable for those who have had a reasonable amount of training experience, and have made some decent “newbie” gains. In this phase, you train either three or four times per week, depending on your schedule, and how well you recover.

Phase 3: A push/pull/legs split. This is a particularly good choice for those who are a bit more advanced, and involves training 4–5 times per week.

So you can choose whichever of these phases best fits in with where you are currently at, and you can move on as and when you wish.

The No-Fail Meal Plans

If you want to get optimum results from your training, you need to get your nutrition right too. And here you get a full 50 carefully structured meal plans, divided into “bulking” meal plans (ranging from 1800 to 4500 calories per day), and “cutting” meal plans (which range from 1200 to 3300 calories per day). So you’ll always know exactly how to eat each day in order to produce the best results. There’s also a list of food substitutions, so you can tailor the plans to your own requirements.

It’s worth noting, however, that if your main aim is to build muscle, you should try to do that with the minimum of fat gain, and when “cutting” you should be looking to preserve most, if not all, of the muscle you have worked so hard for.

The No-Fail Supplement Guide

The vast majority of muscle-building supplements on the market today are over-hyped, over-priced or just completely ineffective. But there are some that will definitely help you achieve your goals. And in this book, Sean reveals the few that are scientifically proven to work, dividing them into Tier 1 and Tier 2 supplements, so you need never waste money on useless pills or powders again.

Access To The BTB Video Exercise Database

It’s very important to perform all of your exercises with proper technique, if you want to get the best results, as well as avoid muscle imbalances and injury. And this comprehensive, online video exercise database, will show you exactly how to perform each movement for maximum effectiveness and safety. Over 100 exercises are described and demonstrated here.

The Body Transformation Cookbook

A recipe book, with over 50 delicious and nutritious meal ideas, that are easy to prepare and will easily fit into your meal plan.

Printable BTB Progress Trackers

If you want to get the best possible long term results, you need to track your progress, so that you can identify any areas that need improvement. And these six progress tracking booklets will allow you to keep track of your workouts, nutrition, supplements, 12 week progress, goals and body measurements.

1-On-1 Personal E-mail Coaching

It’s worth the price of the package just for this. For your first 12 weeks you’ll be able to ask Sean any question you like about training, diet, supplements, or anything else relating to the program, and he’ll answer you personally within 48 hours. It’s like having him as your own online personal trainer. It’s very rare to have direct access to the author like this, so I’d encourage you to make the most of it while you can.

And on top of all that, you’ll also receive free updates to the program whenever it is expanded. And if any new research emerges that will help give you even better results, it will be uploaded to the member’s area, where you’ll be able to access it immediately, and put it to use in your own program.

So, all in all, you get a huge amount of information and materials in this package for the very reasonable price of $77. And you have a 60 day money back guarantee, so if you’re not happy with it in any way you can just ask for a refund.

The Body Transformation Blueprint is not exactly the most entertaining of reads, but that’s simply because there’s no fluff or filler here – just the facts that you need. It is, however, well written and clearly laid out. And whether your main goal is to build muscle or lose fat, you’ll get everything you need to know in order to accomplish that.

BTB is without doubt an excellent muscle building course. In fact, it’s the best I’ve ever seen. And if you follow the program as instructed, and put in the required amount of effort, you are certain to see exceptional results.

So, in conclusion, I’d highly recommend The Body Transformation Blueprint to any beginner or intermediate level trainee. And even if you are quite advanced, I’m sure you will learn a lot from it. So, if you’d like to find out more, or purchase your own copy, you can do so by clicking here!

12 Replies to “The Body Transformation Blueprint Review”

  1. Is this a program that can been done at home? What equipment is required?

    • You can do it at home if you’ve got a decent home gym. Otherwise you’ll need to go to a commercial gym. Ideally you should have a squat or power rack, a flat/incline bench, bar, plates, dumbbells and a pull-up bar. But there are plenty of alternative exercises given, so if you don’t have all of that you should easily be able to work around it.

  2. Is this a program you would recommend for a beginner? I’m a 45 year old female who wants to lose about 12 lb and tone up. Do you think this is a suitable routine? If not, any other suggestions?

    • Yes it certainly is suitable, but may not be the very best program for you personally. You’ll probably do better with Jen Ferruggia’s Bikini Body Workouts. Take a look at my article on Weight Training For Women for some general guidelines and a link to information on this program at the bottom.

    • Well, there are no vegetarian specific meal plans included, but you can easily adapt them yourself as each plan comes with a formatted excel sheet. So you can just swap in a different food item and it will update the macros for that meal and for the day. Also, because of the coaching that comes with the program, you can email Sean if you need help with this.

  3. Hi, I am from the Philippines, 35yr old male. Used to be an athlete during my teen years but starting senior high to college and then to work… I became sedentary for years… gained about 30kg than my ideal weight…. how do I get the stuff considering I am from the Philippines?

    • The program is delivered electronically, so it doesn’t matter where in the world you are. Best of luck in your efforts to get back into shape.

    • Plenty of help in the articles on this site Mikhail, as well as in the recommended resources. But if you have any specific questions do let me know.

  4. Sir i am a beginner of age 20 years and weight 56kg and i want to compete for physique model. Is this plan will help me for my dream.

    • It will certainly take you a long way towards it, yes. But you may need some more advanced information when you get close to achieving your goal. Best of luck.

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