5 Awesome Benefits of Creatine Monohydrate

creatineCreatine monohydrate is the most well-researched, proven and effective performance enhancing nutritional supplement available today. So if you want to get the best possible results from your training, you’ll probably want to be using it on a regular basis.

Creatine is an organic compound that is produced naturally in the body – in the liver, kidneys and pancreas. And it’s also found in certain foods, particularly red meat and fish.

But if you want to experience the full benefits that creatine has to offer, your tissues need to be fully saturated with it. And the only way you can achieve that is by supplementation.

There are actually a considerable number of benefits you can experience from taking creatine regularly, but the five main ones are as follows: Continue Reading →

Greens Powder Supplements: Benefits, Risks and Best Brands

greensIf you don’t eat a good amount of fruits and vegetables each day, then chances are you won’t be getting enough of all the vitamins, minerals, trace elements and phytonutrients that your body needs to maintain optimum health.

A normal sedentary person should be eating at least five servings of fruits and vegetables per day. But athletes, bodybuilders, and anyone else who trains hard on a regular basis, will need more – around 7–10 servings per day. Yet very few people manage to get anywhere near this amount.

So, to make up for the shortfall, many people take a multivitamin supplement. But the problem with most multivitamins is that they are made from isolated and/or synthetic vitamins and minerals that have been produced in a lab. And these do not provide anything like the benefits you will get from consuming real whole food nutrients, as in many cases, the body cannot absorb and utilize them very well. Continue Reading →

Whey Protein Powder: Benefits, Types and Best Brands

Whey protein is probably the most widely used sports nutrition supplement in the world today. And there’s good reason for that, as not only does it provide you with a convenient source of the highest quality protein available to help you build muscle and burn fat, but it also has a number of important health benefits as well.

But not all whey protein is the same of course. There are three main types and dozens of different brands of whey protein powder. And not surprisingly they vary considerably, both in the amount of protein and other ingredients they contain, as well as in taste, digestibility and of course price.

So what are the benefits of whey protein? What is the best type of whey protein powder for you personally? And are there any specific brands that are particularly worth using? In this article I’ll give you the answer to those questions. Continue Reading →

Top 7 Muscle Building Supplements for Size and Strength

whey protein wcIf you want to build muscle, you need to train consistently, eat more calories than you burn, consume more protein than you break down, and make sure you get sufficient rest and sleep. And that’s about it.

So supplements are not really essential, but they are very useful, and if you use the right ones, they can certainly help you improve the results you are getting.

The key, however,  is to choose the right ones, as although there are a huge number of supplements on the market that are claimed to help you build muscle faster and more effectively, the fact is that most of them will do little, if anything for you.

But there are a few that will help. And in this article I’ll outline the top 7 muscle building supplements that are worth investing in. Continue Reading →