How to Build a Bigger Chest

serge nubret flickrA lot of guys ask about how to build big pecs. In fact, there’s probably no other muscle group that trainees are more interested in developing than their chest. And you can understand why, as a good, well developed chest looks extremely impressive and makes you look much bigger, both in clothes and out of them. So in this article, I’ll tell you exactly how to build a bigger chest.

The structure of the chest musculature is very simple. It comprises of the large, fan-shaped, pectoralis major, and underneath this is the much smaller pectoralis minor. The pectoralis major has two heads – the upper (clavicular) head and the lower (sternocostal) head, which is by far the larger of the two.

All chest exercises work both heads of the pectoralis major, so you can’t “isolate” either one of them. But you can put more emphasis on one than the other. So, to properly develop your chest, you need two main exercises, and ideally an additional isolation exercise too. The exercises are as follows: Continue Reading →