Top 10 Food & Diet Myths that Refuse to Die

muesli wcWhether your main aim is to build muscle or lose fat, the most important aspect of your diet is simply the amount of calories you are consuming each day. Next in importance is how these calories are divided up between protein, carbohydrates and fat. And then there’s your pre and post workout nutrition to consider.

Apart from that, though, everything else is pretty much incidental. There are a few general guidelines that will help, of course, such as eat mostly whole natural foods, and avoid processed, refined and sugary foods as much as possible. But much of what is generally taught as good dietary practice is simply irrelevant and useless. Some of it will make absolutely no difference to your results, and some may actually hold you back from making the changes you want.

So, just to help clarify the situation for you, in this article I’ll cover 10 of the most common food and diet myths that just won’t die. Continue Reading →